Useful hints for stains and spillages

spilled-wine-carpet1Don’t panic!! Do act immediately and follow this step by step guide…
  1. SOAK up the spillage with an absorbent tissue or cloth
  2. REMOVE semi solids with the BLUNT side of a knife or similar
  3. ADD a little COLD water to stain/spillage and sponge off GENTLY (do not rub hard) NEVER use hot water this may SET the stain or damage the carpet fibres
  4. Blot again with an absorbent cloth or paper towel…..stand on it for a few seconds

Do not over wet the stain/spill this will only spread it further

Do not rub hard, this WILL damage the carpet

If you can not remove the stain do NOT let it dry – place a damp cloth over it and call a specialist on 01622-725599 or 07840 222143