We clean the car by chemical stripping and coating or stripping by hand, the paint finishes are flat and polished, the gaps are uniform and the lines are sharp and crisp which all comes from time we spend in the bodywork and metal phases, many hours are spent on panel sanding priming and sealing the under side of the car gets the same attention

Other services include body repairs frame repairs rust and metal repairs interior work engine and transmissions suspension fibreglass work

To summarise American Auto Finishers are specialists in accident repair as well as restoration. We can collect and deliver, perform chassis aligning, paint refinishing to manufactures specification. We are also fibreglass repair specialist. We can also help you with individual paint / body design on car or motorcycle. In fact, no job is too small or too big.

General Overview

At American Auto Finishers we are called upon to help in restorations at any point, from a full restoration of your body to specific parts that you would rather leave to the experts. We are here to help and advise. We can help you in colour matching unusual vehicles where paint codes are unavailable. All of our work is guaranteed.

We will inspect your vehicle, at your home at a convenient time.

We take the vehicle and strip all necessary parts to allow access to all paint areas.

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