Classic American Car Restorations

At American Auto Finishers, we produce restorations of truly breathtaking quality. We continually strive to raise the bar, and become the standard by which all other restorers are judged. In fact, we have have one standard – perfection in everything that we do.

From replacing or repairing a single panel, through to a complete restoration including painting of an entire car; American Auto Finishers are here to assist you. We have the proven ability to construct entire body shells from scratch, and we make complex body panel replacement look routine.

While our focus may be on American classics, our skills don’t end there. Our specialist skills may be easily applied to any restoration task. Whether you have an Aston or a Mustang, whatever the requirement, rely on our expertise to provide a restoration of the utmost quality.

Take a look around our website, our testimonials, and our gallery, to see the feedback given by our customers as well as our recent works.